Martek have been fabricating solid surface for 25 years and have a vast amount of experience in its application across many sectors.

Solid surface is an adaptable alternative to stainless steel and granite. The material has played a fundamental part of our joinery production, particularly in catering and healthcare industries, because we believe that it is an incremental part of hygienic worktop manufacture.

Martek works very closely with LG HI-MACS, but is also accredited to fabricate Corian, Hanex and Avonite.

What is solid surface?

Solid surface is a homogeneous blend of 70% natural minerals and pigments set in an acrylic matrix that is thermally cured into a solid, durable ‘natural acrylic stone’ with a non-porous, stain resistant, easily sterilisable surface.

Unlike many common surfacing materials, solid surface is not a laminate, but a uniform mixture of mineral granules in an acrylic matrix that is consistent all the way through from top to bottom.

Solid surface does not absorb moisture and is highly resistant to staining. Its non-porous surface offers no microscopic toeholds for bacteria or fungi to become established and, when wiped with a sanitising agent, becomes 100% sterile and free of contamination within seconds.

The product characteristics of solid surface make it remarkably easy to thermoform into useful shapes– sinks, basins, baths and showers being the most usual. These prefabricated shapes (either standard or custom-formed) are easy to incorporate seamlessly and invisibly into matching worktops or vanity units, giving the impression that each complete unit is molded in one piece. The hygienic advantages of such smooth and seamless integration are obvious.

With high inherent strength, Solid surface is as workable as most woods, but without the problems of directional grain and can be drilled, routed, sawed, shaped, tapped and sanded using normal woodworking power tools.

Being smooth, seamless and non-porous, solid surfaces are simple to wash down and wipe clean. The material is resistant to most cleaning fluids such as bleaches and solvents, while the use of mildly abrasives bathroom cleaners and pastes merely enhance its appearance.

Should it get damaged, solid surface is extremely easy to repair. The pattern goes all the way through and, as a result, small nicks, scratches and minor cigarette burns can be rubbed right out using a normal scouring pad or fine sandpaper.

Martek are accredited to fabricate all of the major international solid surface materials.


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